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Books and Journals

Author, Editor and Compiler of about 196 books.

  • 35 books in English on Islam, Pakistan, Medicine, Health and Science
  • 8 books for children in celebrity gossip English
  • 46 books in Urdu on Islam, Education, Literature, Sociology, Medicine, Health and Science
  • 12 travelogues animated porn in Urdu
  • 45 books in Urdu for youths and travelogues for children.
  • 50 books in Urdu for Naunehal.

Some books have been translated in other languages also. Beside these he edited some Journals also:

  • Hamdard Islamicus (Quarterly, English)
  • Hamdard Medicus (Quarterly, English)
  • Hamdard Naunehal (Children’s educational magazine in Urdu)
  • Hamdard Sehat ( Monthly Urdu magazine devoted to health education)
  • Journal of Pakistan Historical Society (Quarterly-English)
  • Payami-UNESCO Journal Courier’s Pakistan cartoon porn edition in Urdu.

Hakim Mohammed Said organized about 30 phone porn international conferences in Pakistan. Some of them were:

  • The Millenary black girl porn of Ibn-al-Haitham (1969)
  • Al-Beruni International porn cartoon Congress (1973)
  • International Congress on Mathematical celebrity sex tapes Sciences (1975)
  • International Congress on Seerat short term loans (1976)
  • International Conference on Islamic essay writer Medicine (1986)
  • International Quran Congress (1985) 7. International Youth Congress (1986)
  • International Congress on History and Philosophy of Science (1979)
  • International Symposium on Elements in Health & Diseases 1983 and numerous other Conferences.

Besides these he attended around 100 International Conferences as delegate from Pakistan. He was associated with more than 30 international associations and learned bodies. He also launched two world-class journals, Hamdard Medicus and Hamdard Islamicus. Hamdard-e-Sehat, which was already being published under his editorship since 1940, also appeared from Karachi in 1948. To get the young ones involved in good literature and to inculcate a healthy reading habit among them, he launched a magazine, Hamdard Naunehal; and established a separate division, Naunehal Adab, for producing quality books for children.