Character and Qualities

In the training and character building of Hakim Muhammad Said, his mother Rabia Begum and his elder brother, Hakeem Abdul Hameed played the major role. It was the training of Rabia Begum that made Hakim Mohammed Said the unique person that he ultimately became. She never milf porn tolerated any moral shortcoming. She was too strict in this regard.

Since celebrity news his childhood, Hakim Mohammed Said possessed extra-ordinary intellect and phenomenal memory.

While studying Hikmat, he vowed that he would strictly follow all the norms porn cartoon of decency and professional ethics that are required in practicing this noble art of healing. In this he never faltered.

He never showed discouragement or disappointment at time essay writing service of hardships and easily adjusted at crucial times in adverse environment.
Hakim Muhammed Said was an optimist. celeb sex tapes His faith in his destiny was unshakable.

Brief Life Sketch
Said in Years