Brief Life Sketch

Hakim Mohammad Black Porn Said (January 9 , 1920 – October 17 , 1998 ) was a renowned scholar, philanthropist Pakistan and former Governor of Sindh . He established Hamdard Foundation in 1948 and within few years, the herbal medical products of Hamdard became household names. Hakim Mohammed Said wrote or compiled about 200 books. These include books on religion, tibb (natural medicine), health & sciences, books on literary, social and scientific topics and travelogues.

Establishing celebrity nude Hamdard University

Hakim Mohammed Said founded Hamdard University in 1991. The establishment of a university which could enliven the intellectual tradition of the educational institutions of the golden era of Muslim civilization had always been short term loans his most cherished dream. In fact it was the central point towards which all his endeavors were directed. The actual appearance of the university was just the culmination of a long dedicated and continued effort spanning his whole life.

Contributions to black girl porn medicine

However, apart from being a great educational leader, cartoon porn videos Hakim Mohammed Said was also one of the finest exponents of eastern medicine, who had treated millions of patients from all over the world including Pakistan, Europe, Africa and the Middle East by the time of his death in October 1998. He had lent a new dimension to Alternative Medicine having getting it recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). In the fifty years of his active career as a practitioner of Greco-Arab medicine par excellence, Hakim Mohammed Said also achieved international renown as a scholar and researcher in medicine in recognition of his meritorious services and scholarly achievements when he was awarded Nishan-e-Imtiaz (Posthumous) by the Government of Pakistan .

As short term loan a Scholar

As a prolific writer, he had to his credit a large number of books and articles. He edited many research journals and periodicals on medicine, history and Islam. Hakim Mohammed Said also created two very widely attended national forums: Hamdard Shura (for leaders of public opinion) and Naunehal Assembly (for children). He attended and essay writing read papers at numerous conferences all over the world and organized a number of international conferences for promotion of science in Pakistan in collaboration with national and international organizations including UNESCO and WHO. He also held important offices and memberships of dozens of national and international organizations related to education and health care, the fields to which his contributions are universally acknowledged.


Hakim Mohammed Said was murdered on October 7, 1998. Nawaz Sharif, then Prime Minster of Pakistan, accused the political party of the murder. Several political party terrorists were arrested and subsequently sentenced to death by an anti-terrorism court. Counsel for some of the appellants, Abdul Waheed Katpar, challenged the jurisdiction of the anti-terrorism court. His contention was that the celebrity porn trial in the ATC was wrong because it was not a case of terrorism.On May 31, 2001 Sindh High Court acquitted all accused. “The defence counsel in appeals had argued for the acquittal because the prosecution had failed to prove any evidence, whether they pertained to confessional statement, witnesses’ account, ballistic expert’s report and evidence about the recovery of empties and finger-prints. On confessional statements the defense had argued that signatures were obtained first on blank paper while contents of the confession were written afterwards and therefore, they were fabricated evidence.

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