Hakim Mohammad Said was born on celebrity nude 9 January 1920, in Delhi. He was the youngest of the five children of Hakeem Abdul Majeed. Hakim Mohammed Said was just a toddler of two and a half years when his father died.

He completed the Nazira reading of the Holy Qur’an at the tender age of 6 diflucan online and memorized it to become a Hafiz at 9. He never went to a school and had all his early education at home. Master Iqbal Hussain taught him English and Master Mumtaz Hussain, Urdu and Arithmetic. He learned Arabic and Persian from the venerable scholar, Maulana Qazi Sajjad Hussein.

Hakim Mohammed Said loved sports. mom sex He was fond of playing chess, hockey and football, enjoyed wrestling and horse-riding. Cock fighting and pigeon-rearing were his hobby.

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